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    Based and devpilled

    Based and devpilled
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    Secret Santa: Sword/Shield Edition

    pls forgive me
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    Certified toy-sized weeaboo

    Certified toy-sized weeaboo
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    Secret Santa: Sword/Shield Edition

    You send Chaos a trade offer on steam with the item explaining it's for this. This is his steam profile; Steam Community :: Jaded Chaos ò ᴥ ó (
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    Secret Santa: Sword/Shield Edition

    Whew I almost forgot about this, would've been a shame to break the streak. I think I got something decent, I'll send it to you, cheers.
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    Moderation and Activity: Consistency (Or the lack of)

    Despite more or less being on the stand in this thread, I can't help but agree. The fact that I was initially accepted and Loser/Tavioli were denied shows obvious hypocrisy in the voting system. In fact I would go as far as to say the only reason Loser's application was vetoed was because of his...
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    Accepted Application for Sandshark

    -Whereabouts in the world are you from? (Please include the timezone, too!) West Coast of the US, UTC -08:00 (Pacific Standard Time) -What position are you applying for? Server Moderator -Why do you feel you are suited for this position? I've been with...
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    Bombermod Feedback/Suggestion/Discussion

    Just encountered a bug where all ghosts spawning in during overtime would get stuck inside the ground, making the round last much longer than intended. Suicide did not fix.
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    Jukebox rotation has been updated

    -Super Meat Boy (PS4) - Hell Toupé (Hell Dark) I really hope this sets a precedent for more Super Meat Boy music to be in future JB's. The ost is god tier.
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    Introduce custom vote system for low player counts.

    Forgive me for the unnecessary complexity of the suggestion, I'm not familiar with coding, so I just tried to convey the idea in really broad terms.
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    Introduce custom vote system for low player counts.

    We all know that Armstrong struggles to garner consistent population numbers without the help of events, and perhaps Raiden too, to a lesser extent. What I am suggesting is a sort of modified voting system that can be turned on with enough players consensus, that would restrict available modes...
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    Announcement Four years of Red Sun, and maybe four more.

    Powered by love, honestly, this place and these people are diamonds in the rough.
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    Third times the Secret Santa!

    Sent mine in, danke for running this :)
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    [CLOSED] Second Annual Secret RedSanta!

    Hope someone will like my gift monkaS
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    Important Discuss a potential US-West server here

    I'd really enjoy seeing a west coast server, I get around 100 ping on Armstrong and around 200 on Mistral so I (and probably a good amount of others) would appreciate it.
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    Super Zombie Fortress Small bug with kunai on SZF

    When playing as spy with the kunai equipped, it gets replaced with the stock knife however you still only get 70 hp instead of the usual 125, and rage only gets you to like 100~ or so. Would be cool if I didn't have to unequip it every SZF map.