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  1. Nemonion

    Not Accepted Application for 『bottle?』 Application 1) Denmark, GMT+1 2) Server Moderator 3) I feel I could help people with specific problems such as banning people who are cheating or some other things regarding that 4) I usually get on the server around 4PM (GMT+1) but there are some days where i can't spend time on the...
  2. Nemonion

    I've got nothing else to do... ask me questions

    Editing your comment to make me look incredibly stupid is allowed
  3. Nemonion

    Staff roles

    I’ve been wondering about what staff roles there are, and i haven’t found any information regarding that. All i know of are: Senior Dev, Developer, Server Mod and Administrator (Tohru) I would like to know (and maybe get a list) so i know if someone has the power to deal with certain problems.
  4. Nemonion

    rinzor personally

    he challenged me to go to his house in UK, and i will now say, it takes 9 hours, and i will go there for no reason other than to spam on his PC
  5. Nemonion


    i feel like there is a lot of stuff to be fixed (rockets just straight up leaving before going for you) but not my problem because i suck
  6. Nemonion

    Hello and stuff

    *insert introduction, because i’m lazy lol*