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  1. Tohru Adachi

    Jukebox rotation update for 7/12/19

    Creative choices are hard when you have to juggle it with various sources of unrelated bullshit I'm going to use this fish to strangle anyone who thinks exams in fucking december are a good idea. List for the new jukebox is as follows: now get off my back about it
  2. Tohru Adachi

    Phoenix Rising - December 1 to January 8th (Tentative, can be changed) And thus, the cycle begins anew.
  3. Tohru Adachi

    Phoenix Rising feedback thread

    Please leave feedback on how the Phoenix Rising event has been for you. If there's anything we can change to make it better/make it suck less, please tell us below.
  4. Tohru Adachi

    Jukebox Suggestion Thread - [EUROBEAT INTENSIFIES]

    (edit: i use this for picking out stuff when i need to, dont worry if there is another jukebox as i close this once i have songs) because new title time Please keep submissions to 3 per post, per page (15 posts to a page) Posts should follow these guidelines: Between 2-5 minutes duration (not...
  5. Tohru Adachi

    Instagib map suggestions wanted

    If you've been around for more than a few weeks, you'll know we have an instagib mod ready to run on the servers which has been well received. Only problem, is that we need some good map suggestions. Head down to the Gamemodes and Gameplay subforum and suggest some maps with the Instagib prefix...
  6. Tohru Adachi

    BomberMod now in gamemode rotation

    Alongside the new jukebox rotation that took for-fucking-ever to make because I am a lazy fucking cocksucker, we decided that BomberMod has reached a stable enough point that it's safe to put on active rotation, albeit with a [BETA] tag as it's not yet feature complete. There's a few maps in...
  7. Tohru Adachi

    Jukebox rotation has been updated

    shit happens, like not being able to get yourself out of bed for half a year to update a fucking jukebox rotation anyway, here's the new songs (including some I forgot to add back during the fucking december rotation hahaha fucking end me) do not ask when the next one is or it gets delayed...
  8. Tohru Adachi

    MicroTF2 MicroTF2 feedback thread

    We've got it mostly working, save for some bugs which we're ironing out. In the meantime, feel free to suggest changes or ideas for use within our servers. Stuff like additional joke Special Round lines or "Say the Word" answers to type out for example. (Bug reports don't go here. They should...
  9. Tohru Adachi

    Announcement Four years of Red Sun, and maybe four more.

    There's short years and long years. Short years are those ones filled with updates, content and business that go by so fast that there's too much to talk about in one single announcement, which is generally good for everyone. In contrast, the long ones are the years where nothing happens because...
  10. Tohru Adachi

    Thread ratings temporarily disabled

    We've recently updated our forum software to a new major version. Sadly, it's broken quite a few things, one of those being the ratings system. Fortunately, there's an inbuilt ratings/reactions system inbuilt within the software which we're working on converting at the moment. It should be back...
  11. Tohru Adachi

    Server Update Server update and maintenance for January 22/23

    We expect to place the servers and website into maintenance close to 23:30 UTC, along with access to the Loadout and Forums. Planned maintenance may take up to a few hours to complete. Major changes: VSH:Rewrite will now be pushed to active rotation. The current version of Versus...
  12. Tohru Adachi

    The December Jukebox is live, with more to come

    I would have had this out sooner if I wasn't currently bedbound with a nasty stomach virus. As per usual, the rotation goes live on the next mapchange or reboot, whichever is first. I'll be adding a select few more songs from both my collection and the suggestion thread (which, by the way has...
  13. Tohru Adachi

    Christmas 2018 Jukebox Suggestions: The "2018 kicked me in the nuts" edition

    Usual rules apply. Songs should be of a reasonable length (3-5 mins. I can work with smaller songs if they are looped easily.) No "mainstream" songs (WMG etc.) since those are likely to cause issue. Spoiler your song requests to save on load times. Not everyone has a super-strong PC. Use...
  14. Tohru Adachi

    Loadout Update Minor update for October 27, 2018

    Updated website navigation Fixed some automation sync problems causing Armstrong to have out of date plugin data
  15. Tohru Adachi

    Loadout Update Minor update for 21/10/2018

    Internal database changes in preparation for future updates and for QoL purposes New item assets uploaded to CDN and FastDL in preparation for subsequent update(s) Finalised website changes in preparation for future updates It's not that big per-se. Most of the actual changes are locked away...
  16. Tohru Adachi

    Transparency A quick (but not so quick) check-in

    It's been a while since I've written an announcement here, huh? At least a couple of months have gone by without so much as a single word as to what's going on behind the scenes. There is a reason for that, and that's been to do with drama, shitflinging and other trite that has wreaked havoc on...
  17. Tohru Adachi

    Upcoming network-wide maintenance/reboot on Sep 14 2:30am PT

    via NFOServers Event System:
  18. Tohru Adachi

    Donating, lootboxes, and semi-vague Belgian and Dutch gambling laws (read: no fun allowed)

    So this is more of an obligatory heads-up than anything else, however for the time being I've had to block donations from cards originating from either Belgium or the Netherlands, due to their loot box laws which we're currently going over with a fine-toothed comb. Once we've confirmed that...
  19. Tohru Adachi

    The August jukebox is (finally) here!

    Apologies this took so damn fuckin log, missing out an entire month on the way. Here's the songs for this month: You should start seeing the downloads once the server updates its jukebox listings, usually happens on map change.
  20. Tohru Adachi

    Important Second EU GM server?

    With many gracious thanks to the german memelord surny, we have managed to hit new heights of popularity. However, I want to make it last, so I'm considering (for now) opening a second EU Gamemode Madness server. If you haven't already, sign in via steam to vote. It only takes a few seconds...