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    Your opinion on Halloween

    my Halloween in a nutshell: alone playing Yu-Gi-Oh in my bedroom on my phone, gets called downstairs for a toffee apple. it's dark as shit because we're using house lights as a decoration because we're broke (people seemed to like it enough.) the only other person in the house without anxiety...
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    Versus Saxton Hale vsh_coastking

    ^ full level overview the map features a frontal dock area as a spawn for red team blue spawn point on a mannco building a central courtyard a dockyard area the map is comparatively fairly small in reference to other VSH maps and is my first fully release project I built in hammer...
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    pester someone to add it. Or do it yourself developer. ;)

    pester someone to add it. Or do it yourself developer. ;)
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    Void: Why did you resign? You had it great!

    don't really have words for this other than "damn that was a sudden surprise." good luck in your endeavours and I hope you can come back with a revitalized spirit some time in the future, never really got to know you too well but you seem like a great guy.
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    does redsun is good server?

    does redsun is good server?
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    VS Saxton Hale Rewrite: Feedback/Suggestion/Discussion Megathread

    already mentioned this in a mutual discord with you but yeah, a fleshed out version of this idea would be adding a prefix that stops the shield from breaking just making it act like a normal shield instead of protecting you from one hit whilst you have the clad equipped making "demoknight tf2" a...
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    Should Shit Faced Sunday be moved to Saturday after episode X?

    adding my two cents, yes moving to Saturday would be so much more convienient for everyone not living on the NA timezone as I also have to get up early for college on a Monday. tl:dr moving the event to Saturday means more people can play for longer.
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    Unwanted items

    if that's a status for redsun items that would definitely make implementation a lot easier (if the idea is good).
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    Unwanted items

    idea for the bp sink (sorry if i'm a little late). i came up with the idea of a weekly campaign thing to do with all the servers. 1) you get a guaranteed crate drop for playing on a server for a certain number of hours once per week, 1 per server. (incentivising play on every server to get a...
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    didya see that shinji?!?

    didya see that shinji?!?
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    Moderation and Activity: Consistency (Or the lack of)

    pretty much everything Waifers said +1. I haven't been here for very long nor do I claim to know much about the history behind moderator abscences, though i'm sure most of them have good reason to be. the fact that this is being talked about is a good start and I'd like it to continue in an...
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    what is your favorite gamemode either in general or on redsun.

    szf easily. it has tones of variety in maps and the rounds are usually fast paced fun. vsh is a close second though
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    Not Accepted Application for Forged Identity

    1. Where are you from? I'm from the United Kingdom (time zone UTC+1) 2. What position are you applying for? I'm applying for server moderator 3. Why do you feel you are suited for this position? I'm generally considered a calm person by people who know me and I'd like to better the redsun...
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    What was your worst "wasted effort" moment in a video game?

    playing persona 5 for around 80 hours. getting to the final dungeon and then realising I was too under powered and didn't have enough time to finish the game (it was my first time playing a persona or smt game and I did it without a guide.) so I decided. fuck it i'm gonna reset and try again...
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    dude keep it in your pants :p
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    hiya! welcome to redsun, deathrun is a game mode a lot of people don't like but I'm personally fine with it and looking forward to seeing what you can make. hope to see you around.
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    event calendar idea suggestion

    So this is a little half baked considering I came up with it recently but I have an idea as to how events can be organised more efficiently on redsun instead of the subscribed to events role in the discord exclusively. The Big Idea: As the title says I suggest that we have a calendar on the...
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    Why are you doing this

    idk if this counts as a necro but *shrug* because idk I got on the bus one afternoon on my way home from college and this 70 year old dude is sitting on the top floor of the bus with his cane taking up a seat. then he sees a packet of sweets on the floor of the bus in a corner that's basically...
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    a not so decent introduction

    hi and welcome to the most strange part of redsun! (although the discord might be worse)
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    Hello to all of Redsun.

    bah don't worry about it the forums are hell and a ham basket anyways, just read stickies and behave and you'll be fine, welcome :)