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  1. Striderr

    I haven't been here in months holy shit

    I haven't been here in months holy shit
  2. Striderr

    Fire Emblem 8: redsun edition (kinda)

    Did you forget to program in spawn tiles for the new units? When I select Swing from the unit list during chapter two, my cursor gets moved outside the boundaries of the map.
  3. Striderr

    Fire Emblem 8: redsun edition (kinda)

    So what does the patch change about the rom? I played through the prologue and nothing is different from the base game.
  4. Striderr


    I guess you could say Redsun is your city.
  5. Striderr

    Not Accepted Application for Striderr

    1. Whereabouts in the world are you from? (Please include the timezone, too!) New York, USA EST 2. What position are you applying for? Moderator 3. Why do you feel you are suited for this position? I'm an overall chill dude and I know how to deal with most problems whether...
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    Hi, A new member! I'm Dad!
  7. Striderr


    I'm glad you're enjoying your time here. I hope you keep on having a good time.
  8. Striderr

    Moshi Moshi, Morgana desu.

    Henlo sir, welcome to Blue Moon Under Detroit.
  9. Striderr

    Hello there

    You fool! I've been trained in your Jedi arts by Count Dooku!
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    Hello, welcome to the rice fields Redsun! One thing I'd like to ask you about your youtube content is why are you using a camera to record instead of a screen recorder? It doesn't look like your PC can't use something like OBS.
  11. Striderr

    I also blame Surny

    Well, you have found the right place. Welcome aboard!
  12. Striderr

    i exist

    "You do not exist!" -Saxton Hale
  13. Striderr

    New Guy

    ....... but can you dab?
  14. Striderr

    Just Another Person Brought by Surny

    henlo little bab
  15. Striderr

    Who thinks Crash Bandicoot should get in Smash Ultimate?

    What about Boneless Sans The Undertale, my dude? In all seriousness, I would enjoy Crash being in Smash Ultimate even though I haven't played too much Crash Bandicoot
  16. Striderr

    haiyo everbody

    I'm just gonna copy Tohru right here
  17. Striderr

    Top 3 Favourite Video Games

    I guess I might as well participate in this. Number three - Super Smash Brothers Melee If you know about this game, you have probably heard of its large competitive community and have seen how much skill it takes to play well on a competitive level. I just got into this game and started...
  18. Striderr

    Show off your specs here.

    First I have a gtx 1080 ti graphics card Intel core I5 processor (I'm upgrading to an I7 as soon as I get a job) and 64 gigabytes of ram
  19. Striderr

    I'm quitting mic spam

    Almost everyone else hated my micspam.
  20. Striderr


    Welcome to RSOP. Have fun.