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  1. Midas the Porygon

    Accepted Application for Midas

    Whereabouts in the world are you from? (Please include the timezone, too!) I am from Ireland, UTC What position are you applying for? Moderator Why do you feel you are suited for this position? Most people know me as a "Meme fested" person, That may be true but I do have a serious side which I...
  2. Midas the Porygon

    Opinion on micspam

    Just a discussion on mic spam, I just want to see peoples opinions on it.
  3. Midas the Porygon

    Super Zombie Fortress Dueling mini-game on SZF?

    If you enter a class specific duel on SZF with a survivor and they die,It just shows two blues dueling Its just broken in general Solution: Remove dueling option Thanks for reading
  4. Midas the Porygon

    Super Zombie Fortress Some re-balance ideas.

    I love playing SZF but there are somethings I think should be changed Heavys dmg reduced. Almost every SZF game is jam packed with heavys because they are reliable. Providing a medium amount of damage and a high amount of hp, with the small cost of being slow (This doesnt affect them too much...
  5. Midas the Porygon

    Won't fix Guess your damage bug

    Just a quick bug I found a while ago. If you heal someone as medic on the guess your damage round you can see how much damage they have on them. Dont know is its a bug or not but i just wanted to point that out. Thanks
  6. Midas the Porygon

    No Action Taken Ban Appeal: Server Ban, Ban ID: 363

    Banner: JugadorXEI Banner's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:32695209 Ban Reason: "Violating rules". (Being friendly on "Stop that Tank!") Reason to remove the ban: I would like this ban removed because I understand that I should be punished for being a friendly but a 3 day ban for something as stupid as...