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  1. VoidBlitz

    Action Taken Ban request for "anyád" Reason : Advertising and Micspam while music is on

    Wanted to clear this up for you; The reason you couldn't report him was because somebody else (Blazephlozard, in this case.) had reported him first. I assume it works this way so we can't get mass pinged in the staff discord, since we have a bot that pings the mod team whenever we get a report.
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    Accepted Application for Apollo

    Hi again! Upon bringing this application up with staff, the positive votes were overwhelming and quick. Fun fact; You got not one vote against you at the time of the vote closing! I've sent you some information in your DM's, please read over it at your earliest convenience.
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    Accepted Application for Apollo

    Hi, and thanks for applying! You've come to be a reputable member as per my personal advice, so I'm already vouching toward you. Let's bring this up with the team, yea?
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    Accepted Application for Zane

    Alright, Alright, I'll take the hit for this one. Between a lot of confused back and forth talks, real life, and a bunch of other factors, I've barely had time to peek into this. (YES, I know I got to Haxton first but that was because he was applying for something he really could've asked for...
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    Accepted Application for Haxton Sale

    To even call a vote for this would be stupid, in my opinion. Check your dms, we have sent you information.
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    Dodgeball as of now

    Was quoting this post again really necessary if all you’re going to say is “I agree lol” @retard Getting back on topic, keep in mind people vote for what they want to play. Trust me, I dislike dodgeball as much as you dislike seeing it on the severs all the damn time, but in the end it’s the...
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    How to micspam

    What he said. Thread locked, please don't necrobump again. @Kunai_Hakuto
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    Not Accepted Application For Samy

    Hi again, and thanks for remaining patient while voting was going on! While some staff voted in favor of you, a majority of staff either didn't know who you were / had no input, or voted no. What reading these two quotes [Which I've made anonymous for obvious reasons...] tells me is that...
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    Accepted Application for Zane

    Thank you for your application, as well! Taking a look at yours as well!
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    Not Accepted Application For Samy

    Hi there, and thanks for applying! We'll go ahead and start taking a look at this.
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    You're gonna shit bricks when I tell you what we have for miles in our community. Welcome on in!
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    My current mood is my avatar

    My current mood is my avatar
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    No Action Taken Server Ban - ID: 3284 (Actual last attempt)

    Hi there. Skorda will not be raised as he is no longer staff, though if he wishes to have input I have no problems with that since he was your original banner, ex-staff or not. Instead, I will be telling you that 1) It generally isn't a good idea to try and re-appeal a longtime/perma type ban...
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    Not Accepted Application for bungthebadger

    Hi there, and thanks for being patient! Yesterday wasn't a particularly good day for me to get back to this anyway. When I brought up your application to the other mods, most of them stated that you weren't quite mod material, and two of those reasons were that you had only came back so...
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    Stop putting this hypnosis stuff all over my dash you dumb

    Stop putting this hypnosis stuff all over my dash you dumb
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    Not Accepted Application for bungthebadger

    Hiya, and thanks for applying! We’ll go ahead and take a look at this and get back to you when we have a consensus!
  17. VoidBlitz

    Deathrun dr_etard

    @PierogiMan Dude, the last post was about half a year ago. C'mon. Please refrain from necrobumping, here's a thread all about it PSA: Necrobumping ( Locked
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    Announcement Four years of Red Sun, and maybe four more.

    Here's hoping the party train for RedSun never stops!
  19. VoidBlitz

    Krampus Raid Terminated

    Lemme know how that works out for you