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  1. Delete don't touch round from Wario Ware

    I fucking love "don't touch" if any special round deserves to be removed it's "bobbleheads" because it has no effect on game play whatsoever.
  2. new szf maps?

    Firstly, there’s a basic guide for making SZF maps here: Super Zombie Fortress - How to map for SZF: Guide ( Secondly, I’m not sure there is an official way to playtest an szf map, but if your map is uploaded to redsun, I’m sure you...
  3. VS Saxton Hale Rewrite: Feedback/Suggestion/Discussion Megathread

    cheers for posting while I didn't have the time <̶3̶ but now that I do.. please ignore me making obvious grammar mistakes as I'm quite tired and wrote the whole thing while playing smash & randomiser.
  4. Not Accepted Application for Striderr

    Please give a quick overview as to how you know the applicant. (e.g. real life friend, met ingame etc.) I met him a while ago in-game, and commonly saw him online when I played on Redsun. 2. Tell us about the applicant. Go as in-depth as you need to. They have made pretty small mistakes...
  5. It told me to do this

    Glitched Robot is overpowered pass it on also you posted this in the wrong forum, not Main chat/shitposting wasteland
  6. hey

    May I also have your social security number, the three digits on the back of your credit card, first and last name, current occupation and postcode please? Anyways, welcome to Redsun, I hope you enjoy your stay.
  7. Server Update Server Update - May 9th, 2018

    Will the snow sniffer crates be as rare as the #2 crate, or of their own rarity?
  8. Hello Everyone!

    and the "necro of the century" award goes to..
  9. I want to use my mic but there are a few problems

    as long as your voice isn't that annoying, you should be fine on mic no matter your age that being said, if your mic isn't that great, people might not want to listen to you if they can hardly understand what you're saying. you might as well try out your mic for a day, and if people tell you to...
  10. I'm an ex-Red Sun Administrator. AMA

    Salted popcorn or sweet popcorn? 1522863185 On a more serious note.. How come you stopped administrating, and will you still continue contributing to Redsun, even if you aren’t an Admin any more?
  11. Jungle Inferno part 2

    Team Fortress 2 ( in case some of you were unaware that the new update brought matchmaking & weapon improvements.. they rebalanced a bunch of weapons, added a new cosmetic case (Blue moon), added more maps to the casual rotation (all of them CTF maps...
  12. Official Smash Switch Hype Train

    60 BP says it turns out to be a deluxe edition or something along those lines.
  13. Darthmule Goes Mad

    look at the date of the thread before replying next time please.
  14. About Mistral...

    I'm not sure, but it is pretty obvious that Mistral doesn't receive as much attention as it could.
  15. Red Sun Merchandise Poll

    I probably wouldn't buy much, but as @Revenue said, a hat would be cool.