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  1. Ur Ugli

    Actual Introduction

    Hey everyone, since i haven't done a proper introduction i figured i would. I Started to come on redsun in 2016, then went away and came back around august 2018. Some of you must probably know me as i play pretty often on the servers. I am a weeb, sadly. I enjoy editing videos, more...
  2. Ur Ugli

    Not a bug Collectors In Chat

    Hey, so i'm the one guy who's been collecting a lot of items to make them collector and i got a collector coach ! (yay). But the problem is, it doesn't show in chat like normal stranges, so that's a bit sad considering i worked hard to get all of them to only be seen by me. What i ask is make...
  3. Ur Ugli

    Collector coach.

    Attention all redsun gamers. I'm in grand danger, i am currently at 15 coachs but for the collector i need 20. All you need to do to help me is send me a pm and trade your coach to me for a certain ammount of bp or even items. Thanks. Id is: UrUgli
  4. Ur Ugli

    Adding dr_technoir V2 impossible to the rotation

    I'd think it would be nice if this map gets added on the dr rotations since it's a really cool map. It will change us from bad maps such as dr_aconian. The map itself is challenging (like steamwork, same difficulty i'd say) Just a little suggestion to get better maps.
  5. Ur Ugli

    Best Smexual of all times ?

    For me it's View: Has a lot of work into it and some funny shit
  6. Ur Ugli

    Dr_Playstation 120%

    This is only an idea, but it would be cool if we got a special event where we tried to get 120% on dr_playstation and get a special event only badge for that (limited of course). The map is actually really well done even if pepole hate on it, so i would think it would be fun to try and do this.