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  1. infinite phantasm

    I made a tier list

    reasonings for low-tiers (i can give some for high-tier if people ask): combat surf/skill surf: surf is a generally unfriendly to new players gamemode in most areas imo. if a random plays it, i honestly doubt they're going to take the time to watch a video on how to play it. seems more targeted...
  2. infinite phantasm

    Announcement Four years of Red Sun, and maybe four more.

    the hundreds of hours i've spent here have been great. here's to several hundred more.
  3. infinite phantasm

    Krampus Raid Terminated

    i'm sorry, what
  4. infinite phantasm

    What is your ideal video game announcement?

    kirby air ride remake or sequel please come home i miss you
  5. infinite phantasm

    Suggestion: more stats on profile + see different server stats

    i feel like there's not enough stats on profile pages. while having stats for things like winstreaks on VSH and dodgeball reflects and the like is nice, i feel like some other stats to see would be nice for keeping track of. mainly wins, kills, and time spent on the server. something like this...
  6. infinite phantasm

    How do I test if my TFDB map works?

    if you mean tfdb_theblackout, that wasn't me but if you need help with adding db stuff, 42's post should suffice my post was mainly for testing to see if stuff works (e.g. rocket spawns and such)
  7. infinite phantasm

    How do I test if my TFDB map works?

    i recommend downloading the tf2 dedicated server using steamCMD, then installing metamod/sourcemod and a dodgeball plugin. if you don't have anyone to test it with, grab the nanobot plugin as well (it's a bot made for dodgeball). then just run it all locally on your machine and just connect to...
  8. infinite phantasm

    Accepted Application for infinite phantasm

    1. Whereabouts in the world are you from? (Please include the timezone, too!) United States, EST/UTC-05:00. 2. What position are you applying for? Server moderator. 3. Why do you feel you are suited for this position? I'm fully acquainted to the server's rules and regulations, and feel like I...
  9. infinite phantasm

    Map Cycle Suggestion & Fix Request thread

    requesting to remove szf_drain_remake_v4_redsun3 this map heavily encourages the use of pyro with the neon annihilator due to it being filled with water. this can also lead to very annoying stalemates if such a pyro is left last in a water-filled area, or is allowed to backtrack to an area with...
  10. infinite phantasm

    Action Taken Ban Appeal - ID: 5242

    Ban ID: 5242 Reason to remove the ban: accidentally had a NSFW spray on. i was on a different server with different rules (aka allowed NSFW sprays) beforehand and a event popped up, so i just joined and didn't think to change it to something else. it shouldn't happen again. Date/Time of ban...
  11. infinite phantasm

    Dodgeball tfdb_bedroom

    the spiritual successor to tfdb_blockland. features: - big-ass open map - lots of launch pads to other parts of the map - rockets spawns in multiple areas - zero (0) fall damage changelog: release - init ver. download here
  12. infinite phantasm

    Will be fixed voteskip command for jukebox/cooldown on songs using golden jb coins?

    we all know the deal by now. people really, really like spamming the same song on jukebox coins as an obnoxious joke. be it the last 3 month nightmare of the imperial march nightmare, or right now, with night of fire's christmas mix. no one ever really seems to be able to stop it, so people are...
  13. infinite phantasm

    Christmas 2018 Jukebox Suggestions: The "2018 kicked me in the nuts" edition

    edit: yes i definitely wanted to post instead of adding a space
  14. infinite phantasm

    Third times the Secret Santa!

    dope, i'm down to do this again. last time was hella fun
  15. infinite phantasm

    Map Cycle Suggestion & Fix Request thread

    another request to remove tfdb_trepidation_v4a, this time with less mindless opinions map is incredibly cramped, and is worse when at high/max player count the rocket spawning above people's heads gimmick is buggy and often annoying, resulting in unexpected deaths because someone randomly got...
  16. infinite phantasm

    Class Warfare arena_dmm_house

    another day another bugfix v1d - fixed my flarepunch HUD mats for capture points accidentally being packed in the map and fucking people's CP HUD up temporarily. soz people :[
  17. infinite phantasm

    Class Warfare arena_dmm_house

    Another One . v1c - the health/ammo pack update. ammo and health packs are spread around the house so you don't just end up running out of things
  18. infinite phantasm

    Class Warfare arena_dmm_house

    updated the map a couple times. v1a - fixed a broken info_observer_point, whoops v1b - added some props to prevent a major sightline on leaving spawn because of v1b, the middle of the map and near spawns looks a lot more interesting now imo
  19. infinite phantasm

    Class Warfare arena_dmm_house

    a destructible map originally from Garry's Mod, ported to Team Fortress 2 as an arena map. felt like it'd make an interesting class warfare map. download here. View: cool stuff: - fully destructible house (excluding frames and the control point, of course)...