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  1. woo

    Jukebox rotation has been updated

    I take it was an accident, the Kirby Super Star song was removed as well
  2. woo

    Allow unusual items to be gifted

    As the Haunted Glow effect was fixed recently (ty 42) and everything is now working fine, I think unusual skins are ready to become giftable. There are some people who have multiple skins for the same class so I'm sure there's some demand for this so they can trade skins/sell them for BP/give...
  3. woo

    Let Medics earn BP and item drops through assists

    Medic is a pretty important class in TF2, but since Red Sun item drops are mainly given for killing other players (BP drops aren't as much, as you get most of it for just playing), people who play Medic regularly end up missing out on a lot of them, especially on maps/gamemodes that are very...
  4. woo

    Suggestion: Allow tiered-grade items to be gifted

    The recent quality shift to Blood Trials items made them all unable to be gifted, it'd make sense to make them giftable again as grade tiers are a convenient way to tell an item's rarity for trading. Some people enjoyed exchanging these items through the event, as well as a bit after its end...
  5. woo

    VS Saxton Hale Rewrite: Feedback/Suggestion/Discussion Megathread

    Having played a bunch of OzFur's VSH Remake back then, I really appreciate what Benoist is going for with Rewrite, and despite the balancing issues people have already posted here (and some more from in-server complaints), I really enjoy it! With that said, I won't go into the balancing issues...