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  1. Eggman


    its the guy who likes to get attention or what
  2. Eggman

    VS Saxton Hale Rewrite: Feedback/Suggestion/Discussion Megathread

    suggestion for demopan: it'd be cool if he can turn so... how about give him a tide turner but he charges slower
  3. Eggman

    How to have friends?

    don't worry,im a fag and noone likes me too looooooool wait that's kinda sad
  4. Eggman

    I made a tier list

    wtf everyone has trash taste S: Versus Saxton Hale , Microtf2 , Super Zombie Fortress A: Slender Fortress , Deathrun , Dodgeball B: Surf , Jump , Mystery map (because boss_robotnik loool) C: PVM, Mvm (Machines attack), Parkour Fortress D: Stop that tank,Tank race,Gungame E: Fortwars,Smash...
  5. Eggman


    sorry for no new image edit: i managed to fix all the bugs including the missing texture on the walls,demo tower,and other stuff. oh and everyone should be a bucket now Download: bm_bucket_v2_fix ( can we get a f...
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    excuse me who
  7. Eggman


    its me gramfield i like lasaga i don't like furrys