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  1. Alex Turtle

    Mapping for the Bomberman Gamemode

    New mapper option added from a request; put an info_target with "bm_stickybricks" in the name. This will make stickies stick on any brush entity
  2. Alex Turtle

    Mapping for the Bomberman Gamemode

    I just noticed the HDR values were too low in the example map, I've also added it some other fixes, please download the new version: bm_example_v5 (
  3. Alex Turtle

    Mapping for the Bomberman Gamemode

    I was given a report that the BLU spawns in the example map were broken. I made a fix for it, please download the new version: bm_example_v4 (
  4. Alex Turtle

    Bombermod Feedback/Suggestion/Discussion

    Fixed, was a mistake from my part I can't really do anything, maps were made that way I'll improve the UI as soon as possible I don't really know if it's possible to do that, the best I can do is highlighting the stickies like the scottish resistance I've made a thread for this purpose! Try...
  5. Alex Turtle

    Mapping for the Bomberman Gamemode

    I'll make it very simple as it is in my opinion an easy kind of mod to map for. Get the example VMF map and you'll get an idea on how it's set up: Example VMF Gameplay Video: Basically, here's the entities for the mod: A team_round_timer is mandatory to manage time. It's always 2 minutes no...
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  7. Alex Turtle

    Bombermod Feedback/Suggestion/Discussion

    Time to answer some questions to the best of my abilities I'll increase the uber duration That's planned in the next update I can add a maximum cap one can hold to that powerup if needed That's a good idea, I'll see how that turns out once I can detect 2 kills in 1 Good item suggestion...
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  9. Alex Turtle

    Bombermod Feedback/Suggestion/Discussion

    For the map issues, I can't really fix them as I didn't make them (except for the Mario one). But a longer uber duration could help in case of bad starting points.
  10. Alex Turtle

    Bombermod Feedback/Suggestion/Discussion

    Hello, If you wanted to say anything about Bombermod then you've come to the right place. Intended Gameplay A Battle Royale Bomberman where there can be only one RED has a sticky launcher and with the help of powerups, must defeat every other RED If you die as RED, you become BLU equipped...
  11. Alex Turtle

    I'm an ex-Red Sun Administrator. AMA

    Do you miss some of us?
  12. Alex Turtle

    Hi everyone!

    Oh boi, so you are one of those SZF hardcore players. I like that
  13. Alex Turtle

    Important Post your loadout profile link ITT to (maybe) join the contracts closed beta

    get me in boss
  14. Alex Turtle

    It's treason then

    It's treason then
  15. Alex Turtle

    I am, the Senate

    I am, the Senate
  16. Alex Turtle

    Cowmangler on Flowy Minigames

    I've tried everything to prevent that, but since it doesn't affect gameplay much, I guess I'll never fix it
  17. Alex Turtle

    Dodgeball Dodgeball Badge Suggestion Thread

    Ludicrous speed: Kill someone with a very fast rocket Rocket Connaisseur: Reflected 4 different types of rocket in 1 round 3 birds 1 stone: Kill 3 enemies with a (non-nuke) rocket
  18. Alex Turtle

    Snow And Coal - December 15th to January 6th

    Friendly reminder that the event is about to end soon Also lots of new crafting recipes thanks to @Frosty Scales