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    aie laddie welcome to redsun (god that was a terrible joke, im sorry) no im not
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    Bombermod Feedback/Suggestion/Discussion

    not sure if anyone else has these concerns but: 1) people are getting stuck inside player dropped pumpkins (ie they're solid and aren't pickupable.) 2) its not really clear if you can or can't place a stickybomb down by shooting it over a wall (ie in bm_multi) which does lead to some...
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    now that right there, that's art. learn from this magic missile. for this, this is the good shit.
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    szf_junction_b1 playtest.

    so after the playtest that happened of the b1 and 2 versions I've got a change list I'd like to present that I've already discussed with some users in particular but here they are for the judgement of you guys (I'd like to know if any of these need changing before I implement them.) this is...
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    true that.
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    szf_junction_b1 playtest.

    when asking in a server I was told to post here. i'd like to playtest my map (szf junction) on the servers. for an example of what the map looks like it is a modded version of cp junction using the control points to unlock doors that open other sections of the map to make the map somewhat open...
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    got a working version of my szf project :D thanks for the help guys.

    got a working version of my szf project :D thanks for the help guys.
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    Better late then never I guess

    hey Delphi saw you on Raiden earlier, I'm glad you made a forums account I'm hoping to see you around soon!
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    same man no worries and welcome to the forums (hell)
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    new szf maps?

    I've been interested in creating a super zombie fortress map for a while now using an existing tf2 map as the base (granary or frontier for example) but I haven't been able to find any information about creating for this gamemode, how to playtest it or if there is even a want for new super...
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    Why hello there

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    hey, so I've been kicking around the servers on and off for a while now but I decided to finally make a forum account and making an introduction post seems to be par for the course so here I am. I'm an rpg loving nerd that enjoys a bit of anime from time to time (persona, final fantasy, tales...