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  1. Koizumi Hayato

    Why hello there

    Welcome to the meme heaven of Red Sun, enjoy your stance playing with us.
  2. Koizumi Hayato

    SSBU FighterPass priority: Must get

    SSBU FighterPass priority: Must get
  3. Koizumi Hayato

    Obligatory Introduction

    Yo, welcome to this place filled with memes and shitposting. Have fun in Red Sun.
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  5. Koizumi Hayato

    Announcement Four years of Red Sun, and maybe four more.

    All the TF2 community servers which had been playing, went closing eventually, but its nice to see Red Sun being active, I feel comfy here. Happy Birthday Red Sun!
  6. Koizumi Hayato

    Standard Introduction

    View: Welcome to Red Sun
  7. Koizumi Hayato

    Krampus Raid Terminated

    Looking at the hours, maybe I can join for help. I don't mind if have to play as zombie in some ocassions.
  8. Koizumi Hayato

    what's your favorite Nintendo game

    Wario Land 3 from GBC holds a special place on my heart during my childhood. Plus I always liked Wario more than Mario somehow.
  9. Koizumi Hayato

    What is your ideal video game announcement?

    Super Paper Mario remastered for Switch
  10. Koizumi Hayato

    Salutations associates

    Sup, welcome to Red Sun.
  11. Koizumi Hayato

    Happy new year folks, and TF2 got installed again, so I'm back to Red Sun's servers.

    Happy new year folks, and TF2 got installed again, so I'm back to Red Sun's servers.
  12. Koizumi Hayato

    Lots of food

    Lots of food
  13. Koizumi Hayato

    So calm this place.

    So calm this place.
  14. Koizumi Hayato

    The December Jukebox is live, with more to come

    Get well soon Tohru. Nice jukebox choices, there's good variety there.
  15. Koizumi Hayato

    Third times the Secret Santa!

    I'm in It.
  16. Koizumi Hayato

    Christmas 2018 Jukebox Suggestions: The "2018 kicked me in the nuts" edition

    December is an special month due certain game's release. And Nintendo is taking down all early theme uploads of SSBU.
  17. Koizumi Hayato

    Hmmm new halloween stuff....

    Hmmm new halloween stuff....
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  19. Koizumi Hayato


    Sup, welcome to the 24/7 Meme Heaven, enjoy your stay in Red Sun.