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    My current mood is my avatar

    My current mood is my avatar
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    No Action Taken Server Ban - ID: 3284 (Actual last attempt)

    Hi there. Skorda will not be raised as he is no longer staff, though if he wishes to have input I have no problems with that since he was your original banner, ex-staff or not. Instead, I will be telling you that 1) It generally isn't a good idea to try and re-appeal a longtime/perma type ban...
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    Not Accepted Application for bungthebadger

    Hi there, and thanks for being patient! Yesterday wasn't a particularly good day for me to get back to this anyway. When I brought up your application to the other mods, most of them stated that you weren't quite mod material, and two of those reasons were that you had only came back so...
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    Stop putting this hypnosis stuff all over my dash you dumb

    Stop putting this hypnosis stuff all over my dash you dumb
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    Not Accepted Application for bungthebadger

    Hiya, and thanks for applying! We’ll go ahead and take a look at this and get back to you when we have a consensus!
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    Deathrun dr_etard

    @PierogiMan Dude, the last post was about half a year ago. C'mon. Please refrain from necrobumping, here's a thread all about it PSA: Necrobumping ( Locked
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    Announcement Four years of Red Sun, and maybe four more.

    Here's hoping the party train for RedSun never stops!
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    Krampus Raid Terminated

    Lemme know how that works out for you
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    Krampus Raid Terminated

    Hell, I'm so impressed by the dedication thrown forth here that I ALMOST considering doing an event just to see this. Almost.
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    Application for GeeNoVoid

    Honestly, I thought you were just applying for mod with your last somewhat funny thanks for the chuckle application. I believe that @Tohru Adachi only really wants like 3 Community Managers, and even if he wants a 4th, it would probably end up being on the European side of things. Thanks for...
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    Not Accepted Oh boy here we go again

    Hiya, obviously I'm the ghost of the past, so we will pretend my friend @Waifers is not a community mod. @Tohru Adachi Are we like, allowed to veto applications however shitposty since I know Gee's a good mod?
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    Any tips for using Hammer?

    Look up a mapping tutorial by TopHATTWaffle, most reliable tutor. Good luck!
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    Invalid Format last attempt at a ban appeal

    Duuuuude, not even a good attempt at a re-appeal. It's stickied for a reason. Denied unless otherwise noted by @Tohru Adachi
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    Accepted Application for infinite phantasm

    Hiya, thanks for applying! We'll go ahead and start looking into this, I'll shout out an answer when we've settled.
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    Third times the Secret Santa!

    Pinned until this ends.
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    No Action Taken Ban Appeal - ID: 5201

    Just as a heads up, While RedSun is the NAME of the gaming community, this is not the correct information. The server you were banned on was either Armstrong, Raiden, Mistral, Ocelot, Maverick, or Khasmin. Tohru was the one who applied the ban so it will be up to him, not me.
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    Locking due to derail
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    Talk about playing with fire...
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    Gifting feature done through the Loadout. Really, this was a question you could've asked in the Discord.
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    2 Truths 1 Lie: The Second Coming

    Alright, now it’s my turn! 1) I’m often a very emotional vulnerable person 2) I used to play the guitar during my middle school years 3) I’ve made a lot of maps in hammer Should be easy.