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  1. Waifers

    The Community-Made Smash Bros Roster Game

    I came back to this briefly to do some small changes to the picture. This is the final, final update to this. If theirs anymore of this, odds are, its going to be a new roster. I also decided to release the background only version of the CSS which will be on the front of this thread for people...
  2. Waifers

    (Reopened but Nerfed)Krampus Raid Recruitment (aka let's form a badge hunting party)

    The "never" part has priority over whether it is bothering anyone on the server so yes it would still be considered an issue.
  3. Waifers

    No Action Taken Imperdius' mute appeal

    @Imperdius, After some deliberation among staff, we have decided to deny the appeal. Although, you only have that one ban on record, your behavior on the servers suggests that you still need major improvements towards your maturity, especially as we don't see the "quit being a kid" part as...
  4. Waifers

    The Community-Made Smash Bros Roster Game

    Procrastination is a bitch Anyways, I finally got around to finishing it. Here's the completed css, arriving almost two months after this was started. Contribution (Excluding Echoes) Roxas: 7/60 (11.6%) Silva: 5/60 (8.3%) CPU: 5/60 (8.3%) Cheossierranth: 5/60 (8.3%) Hero Owner: 5/60 (8.3%)...
  5. Waifers

    i was talking about the ken from persona 3

    i was talking about the ken from persona 3
  6. Waifers

    fuck ken

    fuck ken
  7. Waifers

    The Community-Made Smash Bros Roster Game

    I'm close to having the CSS done, and while I'm making this post, I'm announcing that Silva requested to withdraw his Autism Bros suggestion and turn it into a screen element instead. In place of Autism Bros, Thanos, Rabscootle's request, will be filling the spot.
  8. Waifers

    The Community-Made Smash Bros Roster Game

    i just allow that since its an echo, but no more after this post
  9. Waifers

    The Community-Made Smash Bros Roster Game

    56 doesnt count since its an consecutive post since that wasnt clear as it shouldve been. 1534638389 also it means no more characters until i release the character select screen since this is the last character
  10. Waifers

    The Community-Made Smash Bros Roster Game

    What is this about? Its about making the optimal party game roster by putting together some of the brightest minds in the community. You post with any one character, that character is in the roster, simple as that. No limits to what that character may be, go wild. You can post more than once...
  11. Waifers

    Versus Saxton Hale Colossal Vessel

    b3 notes Areaportal spam Added clips to every staircase in the map to make it less painful to move through More storage containers as a bandage fix to make being in the first floor less painful for the boss to be in. Some other shit not important enough to be written down. uploading today...
  12. Waifers

    Action Taken Ban Request for 「WFLZ」Fixed/Again - Reason: Porn Spray

    I've applied a spray ban to the user and the ban on the incorrect user has been revoked by Geenovoid.
  13. Waifers

    Official Smash Switch Hype Train

    Three Konami characters in the game now, you know what this means
  14. Waifers

    Predictions for August 8th's Smash Bros Ultimate Direct

    I will be disappointed if Shadow is an echo fighter if he is a playable character. That aside, Bandana Dee at the moment looks like the most obvious newcomer so lets go with a Bandana Dee reveal, with another character probably being teased. Gamemode wise, I'm hoping for a melee-esque adventure...
  15. Waifers

    Official Smash Switch Hype Train

    I was planning on keeping this open until sometime after the game comes out.
  16. Waifers

    Smash Ultimate Character Wish list (Top 5)

    Only listing characters that weren't confirmed not playable already. 5. Isaac 4. Marx 3. Decidueye 2. Geno 1. Ren Amamiya/Joker.