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    Announcement Four years of Red Sun, and maybe four more.

    Happy fuckin birthday to us all here; all the developers, mappers, artists, moodyrators and regulars, give yourselves a pat on the back and virtual high fives (or hugs if you are into that). Beautiful work is happening here.
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    (Reopened but Nerfed)Krampus Raid Recruitment (aka let's form a badge hunting party)

    It's the first time that I actually checked this thread because I thought this was a shitpost and I didn't see this part. I'll correct you here, the term "never" in the last line takes prevalence over the rest of the wording of this rule. Put into other words: When asked to halt being...
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    Not Accepted Application for 42

    Apologies for the delay. (For anyone reading: there have been delays in upper management, part of it was caused by the recent forum software upgrade.) We have now reached a decision on your application for Server Moderator: the management team has decided that we wait with considering you for...
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    Not Accepted Application for 42

    Hi 42, thank you for applying for Server Moderator again. I’ve started the initial moderator voting process and shall be in touch once we have reached a decision of whether we’re putting you in the next stage. Shall take a few days at most.
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    The QnA

    the image was a question too what is the biggest thing in the world?
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    The QnA

    Do you like cows or goats milk?
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    2 Truths 1 Lie: The Second Coming

    1. I'm an "artist" on R34 with 2 drawings and I don't even regret self-uploading it. 2. I use that one Fempyro skin with the gigantic ass and titties. 3. I keep some weed here at my desk just in case but I haven't smonked any of it ever. Difficulty: easy
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    Loadout Update Minor update for 21/10/2018

    And buying items is working again!
  9. unitgon

    Loadout Update Minor update for 21/10/2018

    Seems like I can't buy anything in shop, since the purchasing buttons are gone. Is it just me, or is it caching?
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    VS Saxton Hale Rewrite: Feedback/Suggestion/Discussion Megathread

    Hi there boys and girls, Seems like there's a number of people requesting a centralised and organised place where feedback and suggestions on VSH Rewrite can be discussed. I guess I'll open that discussion this time, but if any member feels like there's a need for discussion about other...
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    I missed the actual 1000th memer. :<
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    Today’s date

    Today’s date
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    it's not bad

    it's not bad
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    Hello Gamers

    Hello forum member #999. Oh I mean, hi and enjoy the place.
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    Accepted Application for unitgon

    I accidentally had my forum settings setup wrong, so if any staff member already tried to message me through the forums, I could not receive it.
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    Accepted Application for unitgon

    Whereabouts in the world are you from? The Netherlands. What position are you applying for? Reapplying for server moderator. Why do you feel you are suited for this position? I think I would be fit for joining the staff again. I joined back in January 2016, and was server moderator between...
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    Official Smash Switch Hype Train

    Yeah I would love to regularly play some SSmash with all y'all. Ssmash? 5mash? Sma5h? Oh gosh. Personally hoping for characters a tiny bit more obscure: some guys from Rhythm Heaven/Rhythm Paradise as fighters, hopefully Karate Joe. I mean Ridley.
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    First time I really visited the forums since the upgrade. Woah. </late>

    First time I really visited the forums since the upgrade. Woah. </late>