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    what is your favorite gamemode either in general or on redsun.

    VSH and SZF. Mostly because of the new changes and how it constantly gets updated, keeping it somewhat fresh. The gamemode is fun by itself too, so that's a plus (even if some maps are ehhhhhhhhhhhhh)
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    Not Accepted Application for Ur Ugli

    1. Whereabouts in the world are you from? (Please include the timezone, too!) I'm from France (UTC+2) 2.What position are you applying for? I'm applying for server moderator 3. Why do you feel you are suited for this position? I have thought of trying to be mod for some time. I always...
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    Is heavy viable yet, 42 ??!!!

    Is heavy viable yet, 42 ??!!!
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    Redsun fanfic on your side ?

    I spent about two days writing two different fanfics to end with one i wasnt pleased with to submit and one that's off-topic, god fucking damn it. I need to write a new one How is all of your writing going ?
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    You can get the developer role i believe if you are contributing maps, and applying for it (i am not certain of this). But you can post your maps in the map suggestion thread and see how it goes Edit : From the staff application thread : "10: If applying for developer, send in some of your...
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    Ok, time to have MORE gaming vsh maps ? That's epic ! Welcome to redsun boyo
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    An apology letter on behalf of the "Bot cult"

    We'll take that in mind, thanks. We figured it was our actions rather than the cult itself that was bothering.
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    An apology letter on behalf of the "Bot cult"

    Hello everyone, you might know (or not) know me, but i play pretty frequently on redsun, namely raiden. Im here to talk about the bot cult issue that happened as of today and yesterday. It all began on a joke with my friend and I, we were just fucking around and having fun. Then the cult...
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    Map Cycle Suggestion & Fix Request thread

    Requesting to add actually good deathrun maps and remove some of the bad ones Add : Dr_ValveHQ An actual good deathrun map, a bit long but the minigames are worth it. Dr_mario_story (Paper Mario) A new-ish deathrun map that is also nice Dr_Hourglass Normal sized map, pretty fun to play...
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    Dodgeball as of now

    Henlol you gamers ! I wanted to take a bit of my time and talk about Dodgeball. It is one of the (if not the most) popular gamemode on redsun. Problem is, being this popular cause it to be played almost everytime it's in the votes, which causes other good gamemodes to just be outshined by it...
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    Discussion on Mistral‘s future

    I personally think SZF is the best outcome for the server, changing the gamemode probably won't do anything EXCEPT if it's DB and again, i'm not even sure. Thing is, when you have SZF events, people can do it on raiden or Armstrong, so mistral is never needed. I think there should be some sort...
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    Our current feelings regarding redsun

    I also had some ideas, but what about your player level acquired through earning badges to be more important than just "ok you're level x now". What about this : As of now the max player level is 42, with the current working system (lol le funny number) - Add tiers for levels Example : from...
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    Actual Introduction

    Hey everyone, since i haven't done a proper introduction i figured i would. I Started to come on redsun in 2016, then went away and came back around august 2018. Some of you must probably know me as i play pretty often on the servers. I am a weeb, sadly. I enjoy editing videos, more...
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    42 no

    42 no
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    sometimes, i dream about cheese

    sometimes, i dream about cheese