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    Action Taken Ban Appeal - ID: 2343

    Your ban has been removed. Please allow for the local server caches to update before joining to ensure your ban is cleared.
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    Application for TehSoldierPig

    Should be explained in the mapping thread in the Gamemodes and Gameplay subsection.
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    Action Taken Ban Appeal - ID: 2343

    I have finished discussing your case with the rest of the moderation team, and we have decided on the following course of action: Your ban will be removed on condition of the following, due to your previous ban evasion and other activities: Accruement of 2 (two) bans of the following type...
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    Class Specific Taunt Effects & Sounds + Effects Separation

    As it stands: class-specific instancing will not happen due to how the website is built and due to how your equipped items are stored - reworking this both on the website end and on the server end would take a while.
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    Under Review Application for 『bottle?』

    It can help if you have experience but it's not a big deal if you don't have any, so don't worry about it. I've put this application forward to the rest of the moderation team, this might take a short while.
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    Accepted Application for Mikusch

    I've since processed this through the CMs who'd be happy to add you into the moderator team. Please give it a while for your permissions to update across the site.
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    Current Map Cycle + Updates

    (appending this on after - sb_subdust now switched over to the workshop version at request of author)
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    Staff roles

    Message of the Day ( shows all roles the only ones you need to know is that moderators stop cheaters and skiddies, developers make stuff, community managers are admin-lite as in they pick new mods/devs and have forum powers there used to be multiple admins but now it's...
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    Versus Saxton Hale vsh_power_orange_v5 (no longer flat, I think)

    for future notice: you can edit your thread title and contents - you do not need to delete your old threads.
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    Action Taken Voice Ban Appeal - ID: 5450

    +1 for taking the time to read the template and not screech wildly about the eebul natzee moderators. I'm inclined to believe you as I have seen you around lately and you do appear to be making an effort. The ban has been removed and is now inactive.
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    Donation System

    I've been in talks with Geel over potentially accepting items (which would be converted to cash), the problem is that I've heard nothing on that front so far. As you can guess, I cannot pay the bills with virtual keys, so I have to take cash to pay for the monthly bills.
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    Merry Christmas

    it is a christmas no merryness here
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    Application for TehSoldierPig

    No, just make sure you communicate what's happening and don't leave anyone in the dark. Things happen and we understand that. We have an entire developer server for that, information is given once you're settled in Everyone makes mistakes, even the people who make really good content. No one...
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    Action Taken Spray Ban ID 5641

    Our rules have included objectors since at least a few years ago. That being said, I have looked at your account's current items. Item IDs 7941771808, 7941771134, 5411228761 and 7941771557 all contain pornographic imagery, which I can verify with a cross-check on your loadout, being able to...
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    Action Taken Ban Appeal - ID: 5644

    After looking at the spray I can confirm this does not violate our rules on NSFW content, although it is risqué. I have removed your ban.