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    Bombermod Feedback/Suggestion/Discussion

    VSH ubers have an AOE marker. Can't you do the same thing that plugin does?
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    Accepted Application for pathetic beta males

    That's right. I'm best with Python when it comes to backend, although I've recently become interested in Node.js because of its evented IO architecture.
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    Accepted Application for pathetic beta males

    Whereabouts in the world are you from? (Please include the timezone, too!) GMT+3 (location rather not say) What position are you applying for? Front-end developer Why do you feel you are suited for this position? I've been doing front-end (and some back-end) development professionally for a few...
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    Bombermod Feedback/Suggestion/Discussion

    Definitely a lot of room for improvement. - On the stairs map, the starting area is too cramped for you to get out of without dying, meaning you either have to wait for someone to kill themselves blowing up a spot next to you, or be lucky and spawn on/near the stairs (not sure if this is...
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    I don't know you people

    It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan. seriously though just play along with it idk who these creepy people are either
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    Statistics Complaint Central a.k.a. Red Sun Polls

    Here goes miscallenous: - Class Warfare is fucking retarded. - ban crit - Most of the Mystery Maps are garbage - Dodgeball with respawn and most kills in X minutes wins maybe? - make me a developer
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    Deathrun dr_supermonkeyball

    Even though I don't really like DR, this looks pretty good. Kudos.
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    Dodgeball tfdb_blockland

    Interesting map, but feels a little dull tbh. I never played blockland, though. Appreciate the efforts. Can you please put an invisible wall to prevent some rather annoying people from passing to the other team's side with a rocket?
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    yeah, i guessed so, loadout was created by another admin iirc. well, i never set up a sourcemod server, but i'd help on general unix crap.
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    I took a look at sourcemod/plugins at master · alliedmodders/sourcemod · GitHub ( and it's just C++ (>tabs and CamelCase), also passing a char buffer to a function? Really? in C++? (sourcemod/dynamicmenu.sp at master ·...
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    [suggestion] Whitelist on image URLs in the editor

    Thanks for looking into it. Testing image proxy below. Don't feel insulted. It's just that I've seen many people who enforce things via the frontend, forgetting that attackers can just do POST/PUT requests to the server to submit the content anyway, and I don't know you guys well enough to...
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    I work my day job as a front-end worker. I use mostly Python (Django) as a web framework and I know the general front-end languages. I also taught myself C on the side, and I'd say I am pretty competent at it. I never wrote a TF2/SourceMod plugin before (I never had any reason to), but from what...