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    Action Taken Ban Appeal: Server Ban, 188

    I do not know if this is of importance, but across the many interations of the flowey map, using the holiday punch has never lead to any action taken. Aside that, if the demo is long enough, you will also see that i do not continue this behaviour after being asked to stop. Instead you should see...
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    Action Taken Ban Appeal: Server Ban, 188

    Banner: Tohru Adachi Banner's SteamID: 76561198025764142 Ban Reason: Griefing Reason to remove the ban: I am not aware of having done anything to offend the other players on the server prior to being banned. There were no forum reports nor was i banned by a moderator in active duty after...
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    Map General Thread (WiP's, Questions, Etc.)

    Ok short question regarding map optimization: Is it generally better to leave small complex brushwork as func_detail or to turn it into a prop via propper ?