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    2 Truths 1 Lie: The Second Coming

    1) I've had my leg run over by a car. 2) I've had 4 jobs since I was 15 years old. 3) I write small horror/slasher stories as a hobby.
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    Reduced map options with lower player counts?

    You're in the right section, don't worry.
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    Accepted Application for unitgon

    Thank you for applying. Your application is now under review by the moderation team and a decision will be made within a few hours.
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    Accepted Application for Haxton Sale

    Your application has been put through voting as was received rather well from the remaining moderation team. As such I will be processing your application and looking for a potential mentor for when you join the team.
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    Not Accepted Application for Striderr

    Apologies for this taking so long, but at present the staff team do not feel you would make a good fit for moderator and as such did not make it through the voting stage. Please do not let this deter you from applying in the future and good luck if you decide to do so.
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    Favorite Voice line for any of the classes?

    Engineer "And another thing, you're ugly" Only voice line you need.
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    Smash Fortress Removal of pyro

    Purely subjective, each class has it's own pros and cons. It's down to the individual to work around each classes weaknesses and on Smash the Pyro has many. Each class has it's own place in the gamemode, it's down to you to adapt and work around pyros.
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    Smash Fortress Removal of pyro

    Scout mains are laughing at you right now.
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    Official Smash Switch Hype Train

    Fair enough, the thread will remain as is. However in most cases necrobumping rules will apply, for any newcomers interested seen as we've had so many in the past few weeks.
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    Official Smash Switch Hype Train

    Understand you're new, but try not to necro threads that have been long since deserted (Check the last post date). See the below thread for info on Necroposting: PSA: Necrobumping ( As for whether or not this thread gets locked as it's...
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    The August jukebox is (finally) here!

    This is the first JB in god knows how long that I'd consider great. Yet here I am not even going to be here for about 80-90% of it.
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    Why so much hate for a flower that you created?

    Thou shall not necro month old threads, thanking you.
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    Guest characters appearing in non fighting games

    Kratos showing up in Shovel Knight was quite cool.
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    Upcoming video games you are looking forward too

    DMC 5, Spider-Man (ps4), Smash Ultimate, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Xenoblade 2: Torna the Golden Country is just a small handful.
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    Why so much hate for a flower that you created?

    Waifers literally just gave you the main reason as to why it's hated by a large portion of the community. Difficulty has a part to play in it, yes at least when you take Flower Power into consideration. However like Waifers said it is largely repetition and the unfortunate baggage of brainless...